Sunday, July 29, 2012

OM.2000.046 - Janet Keen, New Zealand

Cyber Surfing 
by Janet Keen, New Zealand 
Collage for Bakers Dozen Exchange 
 New Zealand. 

OM.2000.045 - Dale Copeland, New Zealand

The Ship of Fools
by Dale Copeland, New Zealand
Collage for Bakers Dozen Exchange
photographs, handmade plant-based paper, peacock feather

Image © Dale Copeland

OM.2000.044 - Ron Hollingshead, USA

Some Assembly Required
by Ron Hollingshead, USA
Ron Hollingshead
sculptor - video maker - collage artist
 West Virginia, USA.

OM.2000.043 - Donna Engstrom, USA

Star Maker
by Donna Engstrom, USA
Donna Engstrom lives in Brighton, MI, USA

Image © Donna Engstrom

OM.2000.042 - Julia Cates, USA

collage museum

Orange Beak Bird Bride
by Julia Cates, USA
digital color copy of a collage
from 1995 Bridal Series

Image © Julia Cates

OM.2000.041 - Lesley le Grove, New Zealand

Secrets & Messages 6/13
by Lesley le Grove, New Zealand
Collage - handmade flax paper, shells, clippings & sealing wax
 New Zealand

Image © Lesley le Grove

OM.2000.040 - Bea Jae O'Brien, USA

Of the Tropics
by Bea Jae O'Brien, USA 
Bea Jae O'Brien lives in Moraga, CA, USA.
Image © Bea Jae O'Brien

OM.2000.039 - Francesca Maniaci, Canada

by Francesca Maniaci, Canada
Francesca Maniaci was born on December 9th, 1965 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, of Italian parents.She studied Fine Arts at the University of Windsor and Concordia University in Montreal. She has lived in Montreal for the last ten years. Francesca has participated in many group shows and has had four solo exhibitions. She works mainly in the mediums of assemblage, collage, installation and video. During the summer of 1999 she participated in a group exhibition of Italian Canadian artists which took place in Italy.
Montreal, Canada

Image © Francesca Maniaci

OM.2000.038 - Dawne Polis, USA

A Mother's Prayer
by Dawne Polis, USA
digital collage

OM.2000.037 - Norman Sherfield, USA

After Malevich
by Norman Sherfield, USA

Image © Noman Sherfield

OM.2000.036 - Bonné A. de Blas, OH. USA

Thin Red Line Series
by Bonné A. de Blas, USA
Collage - found papers with stained washi papers


Image © Bonné A. de Blas

OM.2000.035 - Art Blue - USA

                                                              Down to Earth  
                                                             (detail) Art Blue 

OM.2000.034 - Lynda Andrus, USA

by Lynda Andrus, USA

Image © Lynda Andrus

OM.2000.033 - Roberta Miller, USA

All is Vanity
by Roberta Miller, USA
Roberta Miller lives in Hickory, NC, USA
Image © Roberta Miller

OM.2000.032 - Melissa Ray, USA

Dragon Lady
by Melissa Ray, USA
Collage on shaped wooden panel, set in clear resin

Image © Melissa Ray

OM.2000.031 - Polly Baichly, USA

Hodge Podge
by Polly Baichly, USA
Image © Polly Baichly

OM.2000.030 - Robin Silberman, USA

The Cliffs of Tasmania
by Robin Silberman, USA

Image © Robin Silberman

OM.2000.029 - Annette Ellis, USA

Island Life
by Annette Ellis, USA
Image © Annette Ellis

OM.2000.028 - Judy Finer, USA

Aunt Lucie
by Judy Finer, USA
Collage for Bakers Dozen Exchange

Judy Finer- San Francisco, USA.

Image © Judy Finer

OM.2000.027 - Nancy Egol Nikkal, USA

Collage exhibition
Abstraction: Plantation #12
by Nancy Egol Nikkal, USA
Collage and acrylic
 New Jersey, USA
Image © Nancy Egol Nikkal

OM.2000.026 - Martha Germano, OH. USA

Collection Day
by Martha Germano, USA
Image © Martha Germano

OM.2000.025 - Gammy Miller, USA

Get in Line VII
by Gammy Miller, USA
moriki paper, stitching and paper clips
Gammy Miller -NY, USA

Image © Gammy Miller

OM.2000.024 - Dr Ivonne Hobfell, USA

Mamma Mia
by Dr Ivonne Hobfell, USA
This collage is one chosen from a group entry by the National Collage Society.
Dr Ivonne - OH, USA

Image © Dr Ivonne Hobfell

OM.2000.023 - Corinne Curtis, NZ

Real Estate - Waiheke Island
by Corinne Curtis, NZ
Corinne Curtis - New Zealand
Image © Corinne Curtis

OM..2000.022 - Ann Maritz, USA

Wall Street Journal
by Ann Maritz, USA
Ann Maritz - MO. USA.
Image © Ann Maritz

OM.2000.021 - Ann Ryan, USA

collage flowers
by  Ann Ryan, USA
Ann Ryan - USA
Image © Ann Ryan

OM.2000.020 - Mary Ann Moss, USA

Messages #1
by Mary Ann Moss, USA
Collage for Bakers Dozen Exchange 

OM.2000.019 - Haig Demarjian, USA

Oltgasm 431

Oltgasm 431
by Haig Demarjian, USA
The OLTGASM derives its name from Arisztid Olt, the short-lived pseudonum used in Hungarian films of 1917 by the actor born Béla Ferenc Dezsó Blaskó, later known as Bela Lugosi. A one-of-a-kind, painstakingly hand-crafted piece of art, each OLTGASM is numbered and issued to select individuals by mail. It will alter and enhance any decor, is ideal for framing, simply pinning to a wall or propping on a mantle where it is sure to be an item of conversation and envy at your every soireém shindig or hoot-nanny. Your heirloom-quality OLTGASM will serve you and generations of your offspring well as a coaster or trivet. Make it into a brooch or use as is for a handy and unique shoebox divider. Use it to surf the net. Simply pop it in the mcrowave for a marvelous snack the whole family is sure to enjoy.I'm a collage/mixed media artist, very interested in interactive work, do ALOT of mail art, exchanges, collaborations, etc. For more about me, my work, my credentials (M.A., M.F.A., currently an Assistant Professor of Art at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA, USA), check out my website.

OM.2000.0018 - Roger Morris, New Zealand

kiwi gothic
by Roger Morris, New Zealand
Collage for Bakers Dozen Exchange
oil on rag paper 

OM.2000.017 - Judy Lyons Schneider, USA

Offerings Segment 1
by Judy Lyons Schneider, USA
Collage Print
Image © Judy Lyons Schneider

OM.2000.016 - Kathy Harrington, USA

Paved With Gold
by Kathy Harrington, USA
Kathy Harrington - Ohio, USA.

Image © Kathy Harrington

OM.2000.015 - Frances Gellman, USA

Portrait of History
by Frances Gellman, USA
Frances GellmanMO. USA. 

om.2000.014 - Stephen Linhart, USA

by Stephen Linhart, USA
digital collage

"I took two photos from the real world (flowers and a woman's hair) and layered them in a large digital collage. I printed that on photo paper and cut it up into 16 pieces. 13 went into the Bakers Dozen and 3 are for later use.
I've been printing with LightJet on photographic paper. The LightJet writes with colored lasers directly to the paper, so there aren't the sort of focus issues that come up with enlargers. I use Foto1 ( to do the printing. They can print up to 4x8 feet. Also, they use Fuji Crystal Archive paper which has good color and long life. I use Photoshop; I had to buy extra RAM to work with such large files."
Stephen Linhart lives in Amherst, MA, USA
email Stephen at

OM.2000.013 - Ron Thomas, VT. USA.

by Ron Thomas, USA
cut & torn paper collage

Ron Thomas, VT. USA

OM.2000.012 - Pam Arthur, USA

woven collage
by Pam Arthur, USA
Photocopy of original mixed media collage (paste paint and torn paper),

Pam Arthur - Ohio, USA

OM.2000.011 - Gretchen Bierbaum, USA

by Gretchen Bierbaum, USA
Collage - coffee bag, paper clip, rice paper, cigar bands & foil paper

Gretchen Bierbaum - OH, USA
Gretchen Bierbaum, BA, MA - Hudson, Ohio studied landscape painting at Mexico City College, ancient Islamic art in Iran at Pahlavi University and completed her degrees at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio. She is listed in Who's Who of American Artists and of American Women. Her unique approach to collage combines scenes of a city with local newspaper clippings. Two of her collage city scenes were created for bicentennial celebrations and are included in time capsules. Another collage was commissioned by the US Navy and hangs in the Commander's dining room in a nuclear submarine. Some are politically inspired like the collage about the US invasion of Panama which the former President of Panama has in his collection. She is the founder of the National Collage Society, Inc., a nonprofit art foundation.

OM.2000.010 - Stefanie Mandelbaum, USA

by Stefanie Mandelbaum, USA
Stefanie Mandelbaum - NJ, USA

OM.2000. 009 - Truman Capone, USA

by Truman Capone, USA
Truman Capone lives in Blacksburg, VA, USA
email Truman at

OM.2000.008 - Melissa McCobb Hubbell, USA

by Melissa McCobb Hubbell, USA

Melissa Hubbell

OM.2000.007 - Paul Hutchinson, New Zealand

wax collage
by Paul Hutchinson, New Zealand
Collage for Bakers Dozen Exchange
encaustic wax with embedded objects 

OM.2000.006 - Carol Melichar, USA

In Heaven Shoes Won't Pinch Your Feet
by Carol Melichar, USA
Carol Melichar

OM.2000.005 - Trina Gardner, USA

Main Street
by Trina Gardner, USA
Trina Gardner

OM.2000.004 - Corey Eiseman - USA

the dance of the penguins
by Corey Eiseman, USA
Corey Eiseman
 Florida, USA.

OM.2000.003 - Elizabeth Concannon - USA

Magic Dance
by Elizabeth Concannon, USA
Elizabeth Concannon

OM.2000,002 - Sarah Whorf Sherfield - USA


by Sarah Whorf Sherfield, USA 

My sister and I used to "play" with my Gram's blender (unplugged) like they were control panels and hit the buttons and yell out things.
We didn't know what "Liquify" was, as we were too young to read the word correctly, so we called it "L'Quiffe", hence the name for the collage!

Sarah Whorf 
 CA. USA. 

OM.2000.001 - Robin Walker,TX - USA

Buried Treasure #11
by Robin Walker, USA
Robin Walker
 Dallas, Texas, USA